We support our productions with imaginative feeds on Twitter. Some are creative augmentations, others draw together essays, images and reviews that lead to a greater enjoyment of the piece. Some are complete, others on-going. Jane Burden, Georgiana Burne-Jones and Lizzie Siddal all support 'If I Can'.

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Hedda Gabler's London diary, from 1889 until her death in 1891.


Victorian actress/model (for Pygmalion & 'Flaming June') & companion to Lord Leighton.


Johnson, Garrick and Lennox's approaches to #Shakespeare in the 1750's.


Engraver and painter. Wife of Edward Burne-Jones, confidante of William Morris. Red House habitué.


Daughter. Wife. Mother. Lover. Needlewoman. Outlived the men by a country mile. At home, Red House, 1859-65.


Pre-Raphaelite painter, poet, muse, muralist & Rossetti's wife. Opium eater. 1829-1862.


Multi-media theatre in heritage venues.