The Cherry Orchard
For BBC Radio 3

A major new adaptation of Chekhov’s late great masterpiece to be aired on BBC Radio 3 Autumn 2018. Written by Katherine Tozer with music composed by John Chambers.

The piece is supported by an online diary (from mid October 2018), charting the five weeks it takes for 17 year old Anya Ranevskya to bring her suicidal mother back from Paris to the Cherry Orchard of her youth. The last entry will link to the radio play which features Emma Fielding as Ranevskya and Neil Dudgeon as Lopakhin.


BBC introduction to The Cherry Orchard.


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Listen to an excerpt of John Chambers original score for The Cherry Orchard here:




Interview with Creative Director Katherine Tozer for the BBC World Service discussing our version of 'Hedda Gabler' and her death on Twitter.




If I Can

Written by our Creative Director, Katherine Tozer and scored by composer John Chambers, the audio-drama explores themes of loss and longing in the 1860's as the Pre-Raphaelites grapple with their burgeoning creative output set against the death of children and infatuation with each others' partners.

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