"very smart stuff... stacks of creativity and ambition here"
Time Out March 2014

Katherine Tozer as Hedda

"exquisite use of film, photography, the digital space and live theatre... Outstanding all round... accomplished in every way"
Everything Theatre March 2014

Geoffrey Newland as George and Katherine Tozer as Hedda

"quite affecting... Hesitant, detached and quietly unravelling, her Hedda breathes a muted, desperate energy into her caged mansion... rich and ambitious"
Public Review March 2014

Chris Polick as Edmund, Katherine Tozer as Hedda and Rebecca Johnson as Thea

"bold new reimagining... a really exciting theatrical experience and a rare chance to see inside some of London's heritage properties."
The Gay UK March 2014

Owen Oakeshott as Brack and Nina Richardson as Diana

"An atmospheric production. Kathy Tozer is riveting in the title role"
Henry Hitchings, London Evening Standard theatre critic

Chris Polick as Edmund and Katherine Tozer as Hedda

"a must see for theatre aficionados... A beautifully constructed script, some dashing costumes, sublime and unforgettable acting..."
What's Peen Seen March 2014

Kali Peacock as Bertha and Lisa Ellis as Julie

".....these great dramas are always up for grabs as illustrated last night at an informal Hedda, played by the superb Katherine Tozer, directed by the Nuffield Theatre's retiring Supremo, Patrick Sandford in the stately Georgian setting of Burgh House in Hampstead."
Michael Coveney, What's on Stage theatre critic

Katherine Tozer as Hedda and Owen Oakeshott as Brack

"the pacing - the ability to hold the pause - was quite exceptional. The vocal idea totally worked... Outstanding."
Mark Damazer, Former Controller, Radio 4

Chris Polick as Edmund and Rebecca Johnson as Thea

"Heart racing after a beautifully intense performance of #hedda by @PalimpsestTweet in stately home. Kathy Tozer in particular is incredible"
From our Twitter feed

Chris Polick as Edmund and Katherine Tozer as Hedda